About Us

Dogs are our passion

If you’re looking for a safe, clean, quiet, and loving environment to get your pet groomed in, then Bubbles and Bows is for you and your pet.Cindy Lombardo, owner and certified groomer, has appointments available 6 days a week, including evenings hours, to provide a quiet and stress-free experience for your pet. This method of scheduling minimizes stress and distraction for your dog and gives Cindy one-on-one time with your pet, which is critical for a positive grooming experience. Pick-up is encouraged when your dog is finished. If an extended stay is needed, there are roomy cages and beds for comfort, and a nice large yard for “play and recreation”.

Your dog’s grooming appointment will include trim, bath, paw pad area cleaned up, nails, ears cleaned/and or plucked, and teeth brushing. One firm rule applies: all dogs must be current on vaccinations and records must accompany first visit.

Cat Grooming Available

You may ask, “Why groom a cat?”

Some cats don’t spend as much time licking or preening, as they should.  The type of cat, and length of coat, definitely help determine how often your cat needs to be groomed. There are special tools and shampoos designed to help reduce shedding in cats. Another option is to have your cat’s coat “clipped” shorter (which is especially beneficial with Persians and Himalayans). Most cats have a double coat, and matting often occurs when the shedding process happens.

Cats’ ears need to be regularly cleaned to help reduce wax buildup and remove dirt. Their nails should be trimmed monthly, and their teeth should be brushed on a regular basis to avoid tartar buildup. Lastly, and most indelicately, a kitty’s rear might need the hair trimmed around it and cleaned up.

Call us for your cat grooming appointment.

Meet our staff


Cindy Lombardo, Owner

Cindy opened her doors 10 years ago with a dream to create a loving and safe environment for pets, with quality grooming
at affordable prices. Although “certification” is not required by the state, Cindy received her certification, graduating
at the top of her class. Her love and passion for dogs and cats is unsurpassed. Her pets include a yorkie, two Italian
mastiffs (Cane Corsos), a French Bulldog, and two kitties. Call today to discuss your pet’s needs and get an estimate.


Justin S. Oberlander

Justin was born and raised in Sunbury. His involvement and passion in the pet industry began in 2010 working in kennels.
His job responsibilities included taking care of all boarding pets, including feeding, cleaning, medicating, and
all general care. He was promoted to kennel Manager and assisted vets when needed. Justing also learned the basics
of grooming, including bathing, drying, and nail trimming. In 2014, he attended The Animal Behavioral College to
become certified as a dog groomer. He graduated in 2015 and began working at Bubbles and Bows in May 2015. His pets
include 3 dogs: a yorkie mix, a Labrador mix and a basset hound. He and his wife and daughter reside in


Amanda Waddle

Amanda started her pet grooming career at Bubbles and Bows in May of 2018. She received her professional groomers certification from Diamond Cut Dog Grooming school in April of 2018. Amanda has had a passion for animals since childhood where she lived in North Dakota and volunteered at the local animal shelter. She and her husband now have 5 rescue animals in their home with 3 dogs and 2 cats. They also have a 1-1/2 year old daughter who is already showing a great love for animals. Amanda looks forward to serving the community and the surrounding areas like her home town of Delaware OH.